Press Release - Swanzey Center Sidewalk Project

Press Release - For Immediate Release
For Additional Information Contact:
Michael Branley, Town Administrator
603-352-7411 ext. 107
May 15, 2023

Town of Swanzey to begin Phase 3 of Swanzey Ctr Sidewalk improvement Project

The Town of Swanzey Public Works Department expects to begin Phase 3 of the Swanzey Center Sidewalk Improvement Project this week. Pedestrians should use caution during construction, which is expected to begin on May 16th and be completed by early summer. The project will construct 1,900 linear feet of new asphalt sidewalk along Sawyers Crossing Road from where the sidewalk currently ends to the Cresson Covered Bridge. The project will include removal of some trees within the right-of-way.

These Town sidewalk improvements will complement sidewalks installed as part of the State’s Rt. 32 / Sawyers Crossing Road roundabout project and prior phases that reconstructed and extended the old sidewalk area. Swanzey Center is one of the main population centers in Swanzey and includes destinations such as Mt. Caesar Elementary School, Monadnock Regional Middle-High School, Mt. Caesar Union Library, Town Hall, and the Mt. Caesar hiking trails. The area benefits from existing sidewalks that provide an alternative mode of transportation to these destinations and this phase will increase the overall sidewalk length and hopefully encourage greater usage of the sidewalks. 

This project is funded partially by a grant of $97,990 from the Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation through the Complete Streets Implementation Grant Program, which focuses on street designs that balance the needs of people walking, bicycling, driving a car, using wheelchairs 
or other mobility devices, etc. The grant will be supplemented by labor and materials from the Town Public Works Department. 
Questions or concerns should be directed to Director of Public Works Joe DiRusso at or 352-7116.

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