Assessing Practices in Swanzey

To help ensure the fair, equitable and proportional assessment of properties across the state, New Hampshire’s assessing standards call for updating assessing data and property values every five years. A State-approved methodology and State certification of every community’s assessing practices helps each town contribute its fair, equitable and proportional share of the statewide property tax and education funding. The NH Department of Revenue Administration is in charge of monitoring the process.

Like many communities, Swanzey has established a program of inspecting one third of the Town’s improved properties annually. Additional annual inspections are conducted to review properties that were sold during the previous year, as well as to verify building permits and other reported changes to properties. In the fifth year of Swanzey’s program (unless interim inequities develop in the Town’s overall assessments or in specific classes of property) a sales analysis updates to market value the assessments of all parcels in Town. This cycle of updating values leads to a regular adjustment of property assessments, helping to prevent any particular category of properties from being over-assessed or under-assessed.

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Swanzey, NH Assessing Database  

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