Planning & Economic Development

The mission of the Planning & Economic Development Department is to promote orderly growth in a manner sensitive to community values and to enhance economic, environmental, and social sustainability. This is done by providing professional support to the Boards, Committees, and Commissions that serve the community, advising and guiding citizens and businesses through the planning and building permit process, and undertaking inspections and code enforcement.

Building Permits
Find building permit application forms, general permit information, and construction requirements.

Land Use and Development Regulations
Information on land use and development regulations, including Zoning Ordinance, Site Plan Review
Regulations, Subdivision Regulations, and Access Management Regulations.

Planning Board Applications
Find Site Plan Review, Subdivision, Multi-Tenant, New Tenant, and Home-Based Business applications,
as well as the Planning Board's meeting schedule and fees.

Zoning Board of Adjustment Applications
Find applications for Variance, Special Exception, and Administrative Decision Appeals requests and
the Zoning Board of Adjustment's meeting schedule.

Town Plans and Reports
Find relevant plans, studies, and reports, including the Swanzey Master Plan, Open Space Plan, and
Natural Resources Inventory.

Boards and Committees
Learn about the board and committees working on planning, zoning, land use, conservation, and other related issues.

Economic Development
Information on Economic Revitalization Zones and the Town's Tax Increment Financing District.

Property Tax Maps

Contact Planning & Economic Development Department Staff

Matthew Bachler,  Director of Planning & Economic Development
(603) 352-7411 ext. 108
Matthew is available to answer questions about zoning and land use requirements  and providing assistance to applicants that come before the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment.  He also provides staff assistance to the Economic Development Advisory Committee and other committees whose work impacts land use and community development.  His role also includes working with the business community to identify and help address issues that are impacting the local economy.

Mike Jasmin, Code Enforcement Officer 
(603) 352-7411 ext. 105
Mike is available to answer questions about building requirements and building permit applications.  Mike also investigates concerns about possible violations of Town regulations in conjunction with the Fire Inspector and Health Officer. The Code Enforcement Officer  also evaluates Town facilities making recommendations on maintenance to extend the life-span and safety of the facility.


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