Solar Tax Exemption

The Town of Swanzey voted in 2019 to adopt a property tax exemption of 100% market value (capped at $35,000) of a solar powered system, provided it is used solely for the purpose of supplying electricity to the property where it is located.  When a property owner obtains a building permit to construct a system, a notification will be provided to the assessor to inspect and value the system prior to April 1st along with other new construction. 

 A NH exemption/credit application form PA-29 must be filed prior to April 15th in order to receive the exemption.  The PA-29 form is available on the Town website and in the assessing office at Town Hall. The owner only needs to file once. However, it is not transferrable and a person who purchases a home with an exemption already in place must file a new application prior to April 15th of the next tax year. 

Property owners with existing solar systems must file a PA-29 form by April 15th of this year. 

PA-29 Form

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