Property Tax Deferral

Tax deferrals are helpful to elderly and disabled individuals residing in their Swanzey property who face undue hardship or possible loss of property as a result of their tax liability. 

In order to receive a tax deferral, you MUST:

1.      a.  Be 65 years or older and have owned your home for at least 5 years   OR
        b.  Be eligible for Social Security disability benefits under Title II or Title XVI of the
             federal Social Security Act, and have owned your home for at least 1 year   AND
2.     Live in the home.

All or part of taxes due may be deferred, plus 5% annual interest if, in the opinion of the Board of Selectmen, your tax liability causes you an undue hardship or possible loss of the property. Your heirs will have first priority to redeem the estate by paying in full the deferred taxes, plus any interest due, within nine months. A new owner of the property must pay the deferred taxes immediately.

If the property is subject to a mortgage, the mortgage holder must approve the application.

Each approved deferral will be sent to the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds to be recorded as a lien on the property.  The total of tax liens on a particular property shall not be more that 85% of the property's equity value.

To be considered for a tax deferral, you must file an application with the Selectmen after the final tax bill and before March 1st. 

Tax Deferral Application

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