Recreation Advisory Committee

Recreation advisory committee MINUTES
Recreation Advisory Committee minutes are posted on the Town website and at Town Hall.


  • Michael Candello, Chair (2026)
  • Heather Daniels (2024)
  • Alice Fontaine (2025)
  • Tammie Patnode (2025)
  • Vacant (2026)
  • Vacant, Alternate (2024)
  • Vacant, Alternate (2025)
  • Vacant, Alternate (2026)
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 An Order Creating a Recreation Advisory Committee

Purpose and Intent
The purpose of this order is to establish a Recreation Advisory Committee (the Committee) to advise and make recommendations to the Recreation Director (the Director) and Board of Selectman (the Board) on matters of policy pertaining to the Recreation Department (the Department). The Committee shall report to the Board of Selectmen as a whole relative to any studies upon request by the Board of Selectmen. The Committee shall function as a standing committee, working in an advisory capacity to the Director and the Board.

The Department, under the supervision of the Director, shall consist of such other professional and maintenance staff as may be appointed by the Board of Selectmen upon recommendation of the Director.

This order is adopted pursuant to the authority of the Board of Selectmen to adopt policies and issue directives to make and order its prudential affairs.

Composition & Term 
Members, Appointment 
The Recreation Advisory Committee shall consist of five (5) members and up to three (3) alternates who shall be residents of Swanzey appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Recreation Director shall serve in an advisory non-voting role. 

Term of Office
Members shall serve staggered terms of 3 years or until their successors are appointed.

Upon the date of its first meeting and periodically at the Committee’s discretion, the Committee will elect from its members a Chair and a Clerk. The Chair shall prepare an agenda, preside at meetings, act as spokesman for the Committee when so authorized. The Clerk shall give notice of all meetings, record all proceedings, act as the keeper of the records, and act as Chair in the absence of the Chair. All members are expected to cast votes on matters before the Committee.

Powers and Duties
The Recreation Advisory Committee is charged with researching, advising, and/or making recommendations to the Board of Selectmen on the future of the Recreation Department (all final decision making authority shall be retained by the Board of Selectmen), including the following:    
  • Serve as a sounding board, advisory panel and pool of volunteers for the Recreation Director.
  • Recommend the utilization of all Town recreation property, to include rules and regulations pertaining thereto.
  • Assist in formulating a Town recreation master plan.
  • Assist in providing recreation programs for the citizens of Swanzey, to include Old Home Day activities.
  • Assist in the preparation of the Recreation Department operating budget and capital improvement budget requests.
  • Recommend the acquisition and development of recreation property facilities, and equipment, as well as maintenance programs relating thereto.
  • Post all meetings of the Committee and keep minutes in accordance with state law.
  • Cooperate with private groups and public officials in the development and promotion of recreation property.
  • Make recommendations regarding a system of fees and charges for the use of Town recreation facilities and for participation in recreation programs.
  • Make recommendations regarding special requests, concessions and contracts for vendors on Town recreation property, subject to conditions as deemed to be in the best interest of the Town.
  • Perform all other related functions as may be necessary or upon request of the Board of Selectmen.
Effective Date 
This Order is effective upon adoption and supersedes all previous orders or policies relative to or in conflict with this matter and the procedures described herein.

Approved on September 28, 2016
Town of Swanzey Board of Selectmen

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