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State of New Hampshire Department of Safety Press Release "TS ISAIAS SHIFTS WEST; THREATS REMAIN FOR NH"

Aug 04, 2020

A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for all counties in New Hampshire.

Aug 03, 2020

Press Release "Burglary at Route 10 Mini-Mart"

Jul 28, 2020

Press Release re Arrest

Jul 21, 2020

Press Release "Eaton Road Motorcycle Accident"

Jun 26, 2020

Notice of Public Hearings -  Proposed acquisition by the Town of the parcel located at Map 18 Lot 138

Jun 19, 2020

Press Release - Cheshire Rail Trail Clean Up

Jun 18, 2020

Announcement regarding 2020 Swanzey Summer Camp 

Jun 08, 2020

Have you filled out your 2020 Census?

Jun 05, 2020

Reconstruction of Holbrook and Woodale Avenues to Begin Week of June 1st

May 28, 2020

Reconstruction of East Shore Road to Begin Week of June 8th

May 28, 2020

COVID-19 Testing Available Through NH Homeland Security and Emergency Management

May 28, 2020

Notice of Public Informational Meeting – Christian Hill Road Bridge Reconstruction

May 19, 2020

Temporary Outdoor Seating Requirements for Restaurants

May 13, 2020

Accepting Recycling on 5/16/20

May 08, 2020

Summer Camp Update

May 01, 2020

Press Release " Swanzey Fire Department Puts Ambulance into Service for Backup Coverage"

Apr 24, 2020

Town of Swanzey Accepting Letters of Interest for Volunteers

Apr 13, 2020

Press Release "Swanzey Moves to Online Burn Permits"

Apr 03, 2020

Fire Stations restricted to Swanzey Fire Personnel Only

Mar 30, 2020

Zoom Meeting Instructions

Mar 25, 2020

Town Meeting 2020

Jan 16, 2020

Notice of Vacancies to Boards/Committees

Oct 17, 2019

  • Application for Town Committees/Commissions/Boards  
  • Notice_of_Vacancies_2019-10-7.pdf  

Christian Hill Road Bridge Closed

Oct 17, 2019
Christian Hill Road Bridge Closed

The Town received notification from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation that the Christian Hill Road bridge is to be closed immediately.  It will remain closed until further notice.

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