Vehicle Registrations

The Town Clerk’s office is the place to begin with new registrations, renewal registrations, or transfers of registrations.

As a State-appointed municipal agent, the Town Clerk performs some vehicle registration functions for the State Department of Safety. Swanzey registrants may use this service ($3 fee per registration), or may mail the permit to Concord, or may go to the Concord motor vehicle office or any State of New Hampshire substation.

Effective January 1, 2015, New Hampshire no longer has a title law.  Vehicle year 2000 and forward will always need to have a title.
Non-resident registrations are permitted, provided that the non-resident has a permanent Swanzey address and the vehicle will be garaged exclusively in the state of New Hampshire. Generally, a non-resident vehicle can not go out-of-state on an overnight basis. (RSA 261:46)

Antique vehicles are defined by law as any motor vehicle over 25 years old which is maintained for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades and other functions of public interest. (RSA 259:4)

Heavy weight vehicles weigh over 8,000 pounds and up to 80,000 pounds. Renewals may be initiated at the Town Clerk’s office, and completed at the Keene substation. Apportion plate renewals must be completed at the Concord DMV.

Concord DMV hours of operation  are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, Monday through Friday

Transfers allow vehicle owners to move the unused portion of permit fees from an old vehicle to a new vehicle. The same person must own both vehicles, and the old vehicle must be taken off the road. Transfers are unlimited, but can never go back to the old vehicle, or to any vehicle previously owned. A second name can be added or deleted, depending on the new title or bill of sale.

To transfer license plates, you must supply the current registration, containing the plate number, decal number and audit number. If you lack the current registration, certified copies of registrations are available for $18 at the Town Clerk's office.

Lease vehicle transfers and surviving spouse transfers are the only kind of transfers that are allowed when the first owner of the original registration does not match the first owner of the transfer registration. Depending on circumstances, it may be necessary to complete the transfer at the Concord DMV or at a substation.

Transferring a vehicle to a spouse is possible if the spouse’s name appears first on the registration. The first name on a registration "owns" the plate.  You can transfer if your spouse’s car did not have your name on the old registration and the new car purchased has both names, provided you list your spouse’s name first on the registration. If the new vehicle is in your name only, you can not transfer.

Please note: The Town Clerk cannot provide registration estimates over the phone on new vehicles or transfers. For an estimate, please visit the Town Clerk in person for an estimate. Vehicle registration must paid by cash or check only. 

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