Swanzey Historical Museum

Museum Belltower 
720 West Swanzey Road
P.O. Box 416
W. Swanzey 03469

Membership Information  352-4579

June 11th - Columbus Day
Monday, Thursday and Friday  1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday  10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or by appointment

For more information please contact:
Mary at 352-4486
Jo at 352-7268


Books, papers, photographs, newspaper clippings and Town Reports, bibles, quilts, fire-fighting apparatus, signs, and more. Holdings are cataloged, indexed, cross-referenced and conserved.

The Swanzey Historical Museum was founded by loyal admirers of Swanzey in 1987 as a community resource for preserving and celebrating the uniqueness of our town. Just as humans need memory to navigate the day, communities need “memory” to understand where we have been. The mission of the Historical Museum is to collect and preserve the artifacts of culture and nature of Swanzey, that we may discover our place in the continuum of history.

While American popular culture often is skewed toward teenage values, every adult eventually feels the tug of history. Why does my old farmhouse have a three-seat privy on the north wall? Who built the corn crib at the fence line? Why are so many of my immediate neighbors Polish-American (Italian-American, Franco-American, etc)? Where can I donate the old family bible we found during renovations? Who would accept great-grandmother’s quilt from the 1880s, now that we can’t keep it? The Historical Museum is indispensable to all who recognize that cultural amnesia is barren soil for creating civil society.

The Museum's work is performed entirely by volunteers. The operating budget is funded by annual memberships, fees, and fundraising. Bring your family and visiting friends, questions and donations of Swanzey items to the Museum. You will be met with a warm welcome.

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