Rail Trail Committee seeks  heavy equipment operators to volunteer their time

The Town of Swanzey’s Rail Trail Advisory Committee recently acquired a 3 month rental of an excavator via the Recreational Trails Program grant. The excavator will be located on the Cheshire Rail Trail and Ashuelot Rail Trail, used primarily to clear clogged drainage ditches and clogged culverts. Clearing these items will help prevent trail surface washout, which was experienced during the heavy rains in July. The excavator is also equipped with a mower allowing mowing of the canopy and ditch embankments. The excavator is currently located on the Cheshire Trail starting at Joslin Station Rd and moving south. Excavator operation is being done by volunteers, which offsets of cost of the matching portion of the grant. If you get a chance, get on the trail to see the work being done and thank the workers for volunteering their time and skill. Although a few operators have and continue to volunteer their time, their volunteer time is limited. If you have any heavy equipment experience and are willing to volunteers some your time to help improve the rail trails please contact Mike Kowalczyk at mkowalczyk1958@gmail.com. The more the excavator is running the more trail gets improved. There is a total of 11 miles of rail trail in Swanzey. Almost all of the 11 miles needs attention. Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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