Swanzey Community Power Committee

Community Power Committee
In March 2021, the Board of Selectmen approved the formation of a Community Power Committee (CPC). The CPC was given the task of researching, advising, and making recommendations on establishing a Community Power Plan for the Town of Swanzey that will be considered by voters at Town Meeting in March 2022.

Community Power refers to a program where a town purchases electricity on behalf of residential and business customers. One of the major benefits of Community Power can be a reduction in utility costs because the town is pooling all customers together for more competitive pricing. Other benefits include more local control over where electricity is being sourced from and the ability to increase the amount of electricity coming from renewable energy sources.

Community Power Survey
The Committee has created a survey to better understand the needs and interests of Swanzey residents to design our Community Power Plan. Please complete the survey by clicking here. The results of the survey will be presented at public informational meetings on Community Power later in the fall. Information on upcoming meetings will be posted on the Town’s website and Facebook page.

Understanding Community Power
Interested in learning more about Community Power? Please check out the websites below for more information. The 

You can also view a presentation on Community Power given by Standard Power and Good Energy for the Town on January 12, 2021 by clicking here.

Agendas and Minutes
Community Power Committee agendas and minutes are posted on the Town’s website.

The Community Power Committee charter allows the Board of Selectmen to appoint up to 5 members. Committee members each serve a 1-year term with the goal of presenting a Community Power Plan for voters to consider at Town Meeting in March 2022. The current members of the committee are:

  • Bob Audette
  • Cheri Domina
  • Dan LeClair
  • Barbara Skuly
  • Bob Wyman

Comments and Feedback
As the town develops the Community Power Plan, input from residents, business owners, and other ratepayers is essential to develop a comprehensive and equitable solution. If you have any comments or questions, please contact Matthew Bachler, Director of Planning & Economic Development, at mbachler@swanzeynh.gov or 603-352-7411, ext. 108.


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